Application Hosting

What are the benefits of remote application hosting? An immediate advantage of remote N3 / HSCN hosting is that your application can be located literally anywhere!

Direct system access via Asckey’s dedicated N3 / HSCN hosting network vastly reduces your physical space requirements, internal support and system maintenance needs.

Almost half of our fmfirst® clients host their application locally at the Asckey data centre.  The imnediate benefit of this arrangement is improved system access, speed, consistent data back-ups, plus timely and secure system upgrades and patches.  This is an important benefit especially where trusts are reliant on internal IT departments unable to provide dedicated support.  Asckey is an authorised third party connector for N3 / HSCN.

Asckey’s N3 / HSCN hosted applications are given immediate priority and our N3 / HSCN hosting support team work with you directly to ensure essential service continuity.

Choose Asckey’s remote application hostng and benefit from:

  • reduced IT costs in relation to system support, upgrades and maintenance
  • secure off-site data storage and fast retrieval of critical data
  • instant system install, upgrades and user management
  • IGSoC consultancy services


  • reliable service and data security with daily data back-ups and regular systems maintenance
  • assured performance with regular database maintenance and data cleansing
  • controlled licensing – we maintain your current licensing requirements
  • dedicated support – our in-house specialists provide a prompt, reliable, front-line service
  • both the physical connection and IP connection secure to NHS Digital specifications

Your application will run on a server in our secure data hosting facility, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day over a high speed N3 / HSCN internet connection.

NHS Specialist Application Developers

If you specialise in Health Sector focused applications and need to make your web applications available to NHS users, contact us today to disucss next steps.

Find out how your application can benefit from remote N3 / HSCN hosting – access the N3 hosting datasheet or contact us today on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.