Hosting Server Choices

We offer both virtual and physical hosting environments depending on your hosting service requirements.  For those seeking virtual hosting, we can provide resource in our VM Ware managed secure virtual environment for both the application and database.

If your application contains PID (Personally Identifiable Data), we comply fully with IGSoC requirements regarding data protection and access. For larger installations we can provide a dedicated physical environment configured to meet your hosting requirements.  Below is a guide to the levels of service and explanation of server costs. We would expect to tailor each individual contract to your specific needs and application type.  Server options:

Virtual Server environment
In contrast to a shared server, a virtual server offers you your own independent operating environment on which you can install whatever support you need for your application and database. Benefits include:

  • Full access to the virtual server for application development and updating
  • Low cost with hardware cost shared amongst several other users
  • Non-stop user access via virtual servers
  • Additional software such as VDF studio, MS office applications, etc may be accommodated
  • Fast and efficient virtual upgrades
  • Add additional power, memory as required
  • Server solutions can be tailored to meet your exact requirements
  • Virtual servers eliminate the need to buy in or set up additional hardware (unless an additional, separate physical environment is required)

Each virtual server requires software licences for the operating system, VDF Web Application Server, etc. We expect that applications on a virtual server will remain as “small business” applications in terms of transaction throughput, database size and bandwidth usage.  Installation of application and supporting software can be carried out by either the developer or Asckey, depending on the details of the services required.

Virtual costs
Costs are calculated based on the size of the virtual resource required plus set-up costs for the deposit and a fixed monthly fee covering the installation and running costs for the duration of the contract – usually 36 months.

Dedicated Physical Environment
A dedicated server provides for higher volume usage by larger server based, data intensive applications (encompassing for example: concurrent connections, transaction throughput, database size and bandwidth usage and/or security issues). As with a virtual server, the developer can access the server as and when necessary, and add additional software as required.  Further performance scaling can be achieved by grouping dedicated servers into a server farm as demand dictates.

Physical costs
Costs will depend on the physical requirements of your installation and are available on request.

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