Refer All

Refer all logoRefer-all understand the pain of running complex medical referral schemes and how hard it can be to analyse data, generate reports, hang on to funding and offer the best service possible to patients.

For this reason Refer-all was founded in 2009 by software developer, Mike Carey and public health specialist, Stuart Stokes.

The idea was simple – receive online referrals to a scheme that would then work with a patient to help them improve their health. It didn’t matter what the scheme was, smoking cessation, weight management, exercise or housing, the one thing that Stuart wanted to master was excellent patient care, 360 degree feedback and an improvement in efficiency. A simple idea with an opportunity to help transform people’s health.

Their website states:

“Our mission is to transform the current paper led referral process so that people are dealt with in an efficient manner, reducing waiting times and improving health by:

  • Utilising a secure online accessible framework
  • Developing a user experience that is meaningful
  • Listening to customers and users and continually growing our product
  • Concentrating on evaluation and outcomes and driving services to suit
  • Remaining dynamic, flexible and responsive”

Refer-all services are supported by Asckey’s N3 / HSCN hosting service.