Dental Referrals

Refer all logoDental Referrals Management Centre provide an innovative online referral system using a simple text message authentication system that enables practices to refer patients electronically.  This online referral management system ensures that referrals from primary care dental practices are diverted to the most appropriate setting.  All electronic referrals have full tracking capabilities, so both dentists and patients can check their referral status online. Consultants then triage each referral, check radiographs and recommend an appropriate setting. Based on these decisions, referrals are then sent to providers of primary, advanced primary and secondary care.

Effective referral management with clinical triage can reduce the number of “inappropriate referrals”, drive quality of care, produce cost-efficiencies and increase clinical governance and contract management efficiency. Other benefits include:

• Effective referral management of Minor Oral Surgery referrals avoiding inappropriate costs

• Cost savings from secondary care for reinvestment in primary care

• Reduction in inappropriate referrals of around 9 per cent

• Increased use of “advice only” returns from Consultants

• Improved utilisation of resources as a result of reducing wait times, which is producing further savings

• Better health needs assessment information for complex needs

• Better governance over referrals than from traditional RBMS

• Data sets and searches made easier