Health Solutions

Health Solutions logoHealth Solutions provides systems and services within healthcare and IT. The company was founded in 2001 and has offered clinical decision support, patient support programs and other care-related and health promotion support and services in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland since 2006.

Their client base consists of those active in healthcare, pharmacies and in the pharmaceutical industry. They are working with the leading operators within these areas and are pleased that all county councils in Sweden, 13 of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies as well as several of the country’s pharmacy chains are using their services and system solutions.

Their website states; “Our solutions lead to increased quality of care in healthcare, improved medication adherence, effective customer support and facilitate guidance.

Our core strengths – our experience working with technical solutions in healthcare gives us the ability to translate customer requirements into a technical specification and then develop the assistance requested. The platform RealQ ® allows us to customize the system with advanced functionality at a very competitive price.”

This unique blend of experience and expertise in IT, healthcare and pharmaceuticals allows Health Solutions to take a project from concept sketch to finished solution with tailored functionality and staffing. Health solutions always offers a holistic perspective which leads the process and is responsible for assuring the original needs are mirrored in the digital support that is developed and implemented.

Operating currently in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.  Health Solutions are supported by Asckey’s N3 / HSCN hosting provision.