HSCN Transition

The NHS N3 network came to an end on 31 March 2017 and is being replaced with the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

How will this affect you and your business?

Put very simply, there will be no immediate interruption or changes to the service you receive from us.

Although the N3 network itself does cease to exist on the 31st March, its’ replacement, the HSCN network is not yet ready to take over the entire N3 responsibilities on that date. This is primarily because the actual decision on the shape and operation of the HSCN was made very late in the day by NHS Digital thus preventing a full roll out in the time permitting. The initial phase of HSCN will concentrate on the major nationwide networks required by the NHS and other major Social Care organisations.

In order that full ‘N3’ level services continue in the interim period, NHS Digital have contracted with BT for the provision of a Transition Network for the 2-3 years from the 1/4/17. During this transition period we will continue to provide you with exactly the same services as per your contract with us. Just to repeat, nothing will change whilst we are covered by the Transition Network.

The next phase will then be for us to decide when we will migrate to the HSCN network. Under NHS Digital’s current timescale, the earliest time we could move would be November 2017. However at this stage, we are reluctant to be one of the early adopters until the network has ‘bedded in’. Our current plan is to wait until the latter half of 2018 unless there proved to be a very good performance, financial and/or business need to do so.

For further HSCN details access the NHS Digital website.

For any queries please call 0845 270 7747.