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How can we help? Our hosting service offers a secure third party N3 / HSCN connection (via NHS Digital) to the NHS. Asckey provide a resilient and reliable N3 / HSCN hosting environment with dedicated server provision. Our N3 / HSCN hosting 3 step solution includes:

N3 hosting requirement Asckey’s N3 / HSCN hosting solution
1.  Information Security Secure VPN access (including remote token access as required); flexible virtual and physical server options; secure physical connection and IP connections – all to NHS Digital specifications. Our N3 / HSCN provision has full NHS Digital approval for individual site connectivity (with its own on-site addition to the routing tables within the NHS Digital dedicated router). Asckey carry full IGSoC accreditation (IGSoC organisation code 8GY54).
2.  Bespoke System Architecture Our dedicated in-house N3 / HSCN hosting network design team have extensive experience in managing N3 / HSCN hosted solutions. Our hosting specialists carry out detailed requirements analysis to ensure a cost effective bespoke solution that provides maximum return on investment. Direct client consultation ensures we can meet specific client needs.Our experience of providing innovative bespoke hosting solutions enable clients to achieve maximum ROI and target solution for their application distribution.
3.  Specialist Guidance
Eliminate the need for expensive in-house hardware or internal N3 / HSCN connection. N3 / HSCN backed, on-line support ensures delays and costs associated with the need for a physical support presence for maintenance and updates are minimised. Our in-house consultants can help with IGSoC queries and our systems experts can assess your Information Security Management requirements and guide you through the necessary steps necessary to meet NHS Digital’s security standards.


In addition to our full IGSoC accreditation, our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 provision extends to all N3 / HSCN Hosting areas – further ensuring a high quality, professional service. Robust internal processes offer additional assurance of reliable and secure N3 / HSCN hosting for essential business continuity and data security.

How can we help? Contact us on 0845 270 7747 or email sales@asckey.com to take your first steps.